KID Classes


Discipline, Fitness, and Fun

Karisma's Martial Fit Program AKA Karisma Sidekicks teaches your child the life skill of self-defense, which can help them feel more at ease while facing the challenges of growing up. Karisma Sidekicks was designed to not only be a physical workout, but one that will strengthen your child's mind as well. This growth is nurtured by working with each child, at their own pace, in a positive and disciplined environment. This is the most effective way to teach your child self-confidence and focus. Your child will show improved stress management, be less inclined to suffer ADHD symptoms, and show a well-developed sense of respect for themselves and others. Richie Lee’s Karisma Martial Fit Program will truly improve your child's life!

ADULT Classes


Health, Strength, Stress-Relief

This is the ONLY fitness class that can truly save your life, health wise and streetwise! Our adult Program incorporates Kickboxing, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and strength training. You will gain strength, confidence, and walk with a stress-free swagger. Want to get in the best mental and physical shape of your life faster than you ever dreamed possible in a non-intimidating atmosphere?

Richie holds a black belt with Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts and is a decorated wrestler.  His discipline in wrestling, martial arts and weight training coupled with his “Karismatic” way with people just inspires you to do better in life.

Personal Training

Make your fitness personal

Richie Lee has been voted Nashville's "Best Personal Trainer" 4 times and he is East Nashville's fitness pioneer. Countless lives have been changed by Richie's individually designed one-on-one program and philosophy.

You will gain strength, lean muscle mass and a confidence that will carry you through and over any obstacles that life may unexpectedly reveal.